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For questions concerning the GRF Gala
please contact the following committe members:

Judy Word
Sharon Blishsharonblish@gmail.comReservations/Seating
Deb Hubbarddeb@fridaygoldens.com Music/Social Media
Cindy Partridgefirestargold@outlook.comJudges Coordinator
Roianne Coxroiannecox@gmail.comMenu 
Maryke Nau moocowmoo03@hotmail.comDecorations
Julie Matney juliematney@gmail.com Decorations
Carol Sandusky

Sue Campia gotgoldens@comcast.net Artwork Coordinator

Alan Hubbard www.photobyfriday.com Photographer

Wendychampionribbons@hotmail.comOrder additional top twenty ribbons
Stacia Whiteorders@mesamisonline.comOrder additional top twenty leads

Advisors ... Diane Cooper, Ellen Schultz and Judy Word - bravogr@aol.com

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